Steampunk Cylon Gallery: 25 old-tyme robot designs

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Dec 14, 2012

What would a steampunk Cylon look like? That's what we asked you a few months ago, when our sister site DVICE kicked off its Steampunk Cylon design contest as Battlestar Galactica began its final run. And did you guys ever rise to the challenge! We received Photoshop renderings, drawings—even photos of someone's handmade sculpture. Impressive stuff.

The winner, selected by our Imperious Leaders, is the entry above, created by Ronnie A. Gamble Jr. Beyond just creating a period-appropriate design with amazing detail (just check out those dials—click on the link to see a larger image), he gave it an extremely clever presentation. Nice work. Ronnie wins some BSG and DVICE swag, as well as our fealty to him as supreme Steampunk Cylon Designer.

Hit DVICE for the runners-up, along with our big gallery featuring all the designs we received.

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