Steampunk R2-D2: THIS is how it should have looked in the prequels

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Is there anything that R2-D2 can't do or be? The most popular and most loved robot in the universe just went steampunk. George Lucas, are you taking notice? Why the hell didn't the little droid look this beet-doot-blooping cool in those Star Wars prequels?

This steampunk R2-D2 is made out of wood and brass. You won't find enough room for actor Kenny Baker to fit inside or the toughest astromech metal, but there are some nice meter knobs included. Created by artist Amoebabloke, this R2-D2 model doesn't have any secondary function other than looking old—which it does quite well.

The creator has specifically said that it's not his style to put the little Victorian-style droid on eBay but would rather it fall into the hands of someone who will love and care for it—how cute. The other idea is putting it up as a raffle on b3ta and recouping some of the material fees to fund his next project!

Keep it coming, Amoebabloke. Might we suggest a steampunk AT-AT or Starship Enterprise?

(originally published at DVICE)

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