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Stephen Amell lands post-Arrow gig in Starz wrestling drama Heels

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Aug 19, 2019, 10:55 AM EDT

After eight years donning the hood, Stephen Amell is leaving the superhero world behind once Arrow wraps up this fall. But, he’s not going too far from his butt-kicking bread and butter.

TV Line reports Amell has lined up his first post-Arrow acting gig, and is officially set to headline a new Starz drama set in the world of wrestling. Dubbed Heels, the eight-episode series will track a family-owned wrestling company and delve into the sibling rivalry at the heart of the business. Amell will star as the company’s owner and “villain” (aka the “heel”), a working class father and husband trying to turn the small company into a major player.

His near-decade in the Arrowverse has no doubt prepared Amell well to portray a wrestler on-screen (just watch that dude rock a salmon ladder and try not to be impressed), and he’s also shown up at a few professional wrestling events himself, jumping in the ring for the WWE from time to time. He’s also wrestled for Ring of Honor and All In in recent years. So, the new gig might not be a legit superhero, but a wrestler should be right in Amell’s wheelhouse. He’s also showed off his skills on American Ninja Warrior recently.

No word on when Heels will premiere or when production will kick off in earnest, but in the meantime Amell is plenty busy putting together the final 10-episode season of Arrow for The CW. The final season will help set the stage for the massive crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths, and though we don’t know how it all ends, Oliver Queen will almost certainly go out with a bang.

And now we finally know where we’ll be able to see Amell throw down some of those trademark body slams once he leaves the Arrowverse behind.