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Stephen Colbert, Hugh Jackman appreciate 'creative genius' of Stan Lee on Late Show

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Nov 13, 2018, 10:19 AM EST

Friends and fans have been reeling from the loss of Marvel co-founder and comics legend Stan Lee this week, with respects being paid in all corners of the pop culture world. The 95-year-old had plenty of time to touch a lot of lives, even without his comic characters becoming the international juggernauts of the box office — though that certainly helped spread his messages and creativity far and wide.

Two of these lives was that of The Late Show host Stephen Colbert and his recent guest (and Wolverine portrayer) Hugh Jackman. The former is an avowed comic nerd while the latter played one of Lee’s most iconic characters for almost two decades. “The world lost a legend,” Colbert said.

Colbert leaves the audience with an Excelsior and his set-guarding Captain America shield before leading into Jackman so the actor can deliver his own farewell to the man that, in some ways, made his career. “Thanks for all the stories, Stan,” he said. Then Jackman took the mic, giving his own appreciation.

Take a look:

Lee was “a creative genius” whose work changed Jackman’s life and a perennial fiesty old man, and he certainly knew how to steal a spotlight. Telling a story of how Jackman was humbled at a Comic-Con by a true nerd god, he explained that nobody wants to pay attention to you on the red carpet when Lee is on the other end. That and a misidentification crisis with the actual animal of a wolverine (he studied wolves for three weeks) was a double-whammy of embarrassment for the leading mutant...though he still believed in the world of Lee enough to recommit to the creature time and time again.