Stephen King has banned Donald Trump from watching IT

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Aug 25, 2017

It's no secret author Stephen King has been an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump dating back to before he was elected, and now the president has apparently blocked the author on Twitter. So King has a ban of his own for Trump.

The author has taken to Twitter to “ban” the president from seeing director Andy Muschietti’s upcoming adaptation of his clown-centric horror tale IT, as well as the new TV series Mr. Mercedes. Obviously, King can’t actually stop Trump from seeing the flick, but it’s still pretty funny. Admittedly, there’s no indication that Trump is even a fan of King’s work in the first place, so who knows if the president would want to check out IT anyway. But c’mon — it looks pretty great, right?

Bill Skarsgård’s take on Pennywise looks positively terrifying, and his freaky clown led the film’s trailer to be one of the most viewed in history. Sadly, there will be no clowns at the White House if King has his way. Which, yeah, monster clowns wandering the White House sounds pretty scary in general. Probably not the worst idea.

IT opens September 8.

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