Stephen King returning to Castle Rock for new novella

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Feb 15, 2017, 2:20 PM EST (Updated)

The master of horror is headed back to the town where many of his classic tales are set.

The town of Castle Rock was first mentioned in Stephen King's 1979 novel The Dead Zone, and the small Maine village soon became a mainstay of his work for a number of years, serving as the setting for novels like Cujo and The Dark Half as well as shorter works like "The Body" and "The Sun Dog." Although peaceful on the surface, the little burg was home to a dark and violent history.

Castle Rock was at least mentioned in many other books and stories as well, perhaps the most famous of a triumvirate of haunted towns in King's version of Maine that also included Derry (setting of It) and Jerusalem's Lot (better known as 'Salem's Lot).

In 1991, King wrote Needful Things, a novel described as "the last Castle Rock story" that indeed ended with the town in ruins and many of its inhabitants dead. And although later works referenced Castle Rock, King never returned there in a major way. Until now.

Richard Chizmar, the founder and owner of boutique horror publishing company Cemetery Dance Publications -- and a noted horror writer in his own right -- recently revealed on Facebook that he and King, who has published limited editions of a number of his books through Chizmar's company, have collaborated on a new novella together:

While Chizmar did not reveal the novella's title, plot or publication date, he did hint that the story will feature a return to Castle Rock. Will it be a sequel to an earlier story? What will readers find there?

That remains under wraps for now, although Chizmar and King will undoubtedly reveal all when they feel ready. Right now the only upcoming book listed on King's own website is a "supernatural suspense" novel called Sleeping Beauties, which will be his first collaboration with his son Owen King (he and his other son, Joe Hill, have written two short stories together).

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