Stephen King teases IT fans with a red balloon in the window of his home

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Aug 29, 2017

Stephen King is getting into the IT spirit.

It's been a busy year for the Master of Horror as his stories are enjoying what feels like an even brighter spotlight than usual. In 2017 alone we're getting or already have gotten adaptations of The MistThe Dark TowerMr. Mercedes, and IT. Throw in his new novel (co-written with son Owen) Sleeping Beauties and the upcoming Hulu series Castle Rock and it's good to be King right now.

At the moment, IT is the project that really stands out. The new adaptation of King's classic novel is building massive buzz in the weeks leading up to its release and seems poised to be a box-office hit. Now King himself is getting in on the fun in a very subtle way.

Earlier this week local news outlets noticed something strange about Stephen King's famous home in Bangor, Maine. Mostly, the imposing but beautiful home looks the same as it always has, but if you look closely in the bay window on the left side of the first floor, you might notice something.


Look a little closer, if you dare...


Yes, that's a single red balloon. 

If you're an IT fan, you're probably quivering a bit right now. If you're not, this might require a bit of an explanation. In both the novel and live-action adaptations, balloons are a sign of Pennywise the Dancing Clown's presence. You often see them before you see him, and like the whole scary clown concept in general it's a way of taking something associated with childlike innocence and fun and making it terrifying. Believe me, in the right context it's absolutely terrifying.

King has not been heavily involved in the new IT film, but he's always been a bit playful when it comes to promoting his stories. He has yet to comment on the balloon at all, though. Perhaps because Pennywise has moved in ...

IT hits theaters September 8.

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(Via Bangor Daily News)

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