Stephen King reveals beautiful first poster for The Dark Tower

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Apr 27, 2017, 10:55 AM EDT (Updated)

This summer, the long-awaited adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower will finally arrive in theaters, and despite only four months between now and the film's release, we still haven't seen much of it beyond a few photos. We're still waiting for the epic saga to finally drop a trailer, but today the wait for an official poster is finally over.

Early Sunday morning, King himself released the first poster on his official Twitter account. It features his hero, Roland Deschain (Idris Elba), the boy Jake Chambers (Tom Tayor), and one of the most famous lines from the first book in the series.

Maybe this is just the fanboy in me who's been waiting more than a decade for this movie talking, but ... this is a perfect poster. We've got our two heroes aganst the world, The Gunslinger standing with guns drawn, and a twisted take on New York City (which figures heavily in the plot). Then there's The Tower itself, which appears only in silhouette, a shadow on the rest of the world. That's a perfect metaphor for the Tower. The tagline, telling us something else awaits while the poster shows us a distortion of something familiar, is also apt.

The Dark Tower, directed by Nikolaj Arcel, acts as a kind of sequel to King's book series, depicting another chance for Roland, the last Gunslinger, to reach the Tower and save all of existence. In addition to Elba and Taylor, it also stars Matthew McConaughey as the dark sorcerer named Walter, also known as The Man In Black.

The Dark Tower hits theaters July 28. Now, let's have one more look at that poster.