Stephen King's The Stand is alive, while Twilight Zone approaches production at CBS All Access

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Aug 6, 2018

CBS All Access may have their news cycle currently dominated by the huge return of fan-favorite Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard for an untitled Star Trek project, but their summer TCA press tour had a few other interesting updates for the discerning genre fan — some of which were thought equally impossible.

The project that — before All Access broke their announcements and did an interview with Deadline — seemed as unlikely as the British actor reprising his leadership role is that of Stephen King’s The Stand. Previous modern attempts to adapt the post-apocalyptic, supernatural sci-fi masterpiece have resulted in years of feature film development that have so far amounted to nothing but nuclear fallout. On the small screen, the last we heard was that any TV plans for the novel were dead and buried.

But, according to CBS TV Studios president David Stapf, it’s not quite dead yet. “It’s in development,” Stapf said in response to a question asking if The Stand was one of the shows the network hopes to see air by the end of 2019. While they’re mum on where the project is, development-wise, and who’s working on it, the fact that it’s not been abandoned should be heartening for King fans in the midst of his latest multimedia renaissance.

The other update that Stapf and EVP of Original Content Julie McNamara had to share was about a project from another multi-hyphenate: Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone.

“We have a room, we have a first season of concepts, outlines, scripts — various stages of all these things — of that 10 eps a season,” McNamara said when asked about the show’s progress. “We are well on our way, and we are going to start production in the next couple of months.” This update, all things sounding normal as the show progresses, goes along with the announcement that Greg Yaitanes will be overseeing production of the showrunnerless anthology series.

The Twilight Zone enters production later this year while The Stand... well, we’re just happy that executives are still talking about it.

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