Stephen King's It already has a sequel planned

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:15 AM EDT (Updated)

It is still months away from hitting theaters, but director Andy Muschietti is already prepping for a sequel.

Based on the Stephen King novel and the beloved 1990 made-for-TV movie, It explores the fears of the kids of Derry, Maine, and shows they all have something very real to be afraid of: a terrifying clown named Pennywise.

Apparently New Line Cinema is so eager for the film, and has such confidence in it, that director Muschietti (who directed the remake) is coming back for the sequel.

According to Variety, who interviewed Muschietti about the film, "We’ll probably have a script for the second part in January. Ideally, we would start prep in March. Part one is only about the kids. Part two is about these characters 30 years later as adults, with flashbacks to 1989 when they were kids."

This seems like a wise way to split up a novel that is over 1,000 pages and a four-hour TV film that was split over two nights. Can you imagine them trying to jam the entire story -- kids and adults -- into one two-hour film?

It is only the second English-language feature from the Argentinian director. His first American film, Mama, was based on his own short film, and produced by Guillermo del Toro. He's also attached to the recently announced Robotech movie.

It opens in theaters on September 8.

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