Stephen King's IT is on target to break box office records with monster opening

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Sep 7, 2017, 12:04 PM EDT

Early reviews for IT, based on the Stephen King novel, are enough to pique the interest of even those who dislike horror: It taps into fear, yes, but it also explores grief.

And it’s on track to break records.

According to Variety, IT has become the largest pre-seller of tickets in the horror genre. It has also become Fandango’s biggest pre-seller of tickets for any September. The trade also reports that says the film accounts for 54.4% of all tickets sold through Wednesday. Current projections anticipate IT could drum up $60 million over the weekend, which would make it the biggest September opening ever.

2017 has seen the worst box-office take for any summer in 11 years. Entertainment Weekly writes that for summer 2017, Hollywood earned $3.8 billion. Although that number sounds like mad stacks to you and me, it’s actually down 14% from 2016. 

Horror has become The Little Genre That Could, with low-budget, under-the-radar movies that have been quietly raking in millions for years. Other horror movies, such as Get Out, The Babadook, and The Witch, have earned critical acclaim as well.

But for King’s many fans, a good King movie will be embraced and enjoyed, no matter how much money it earns.

(via Screenrant and THR)