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Stephen King’s IT is still devouring the box office this weekend

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Mar 25, 2021, 7:00 PM EDT (Updated)

If everyone who’s gone to see IT so far was lured in by the actual demonic entity in a clown suit instead of a horror movie, we’d all float too.

IT has had paranormal power over the box office since its opening weekend, when it killed Deadpool’s record by grossing $158.7 million in its first week. Even estimates on the shallower side of the sewer are putting it at $50 million for this weekend alone, with some predicting Pennywise will devour $55 million to $60 million worth of human fears. That’s a 52% decline, which almost never happens with horror movies. They usually tend to vanish into the gutters they crawled out of.

If IT does manage to get $60 million in its lair, it will have a ten-day total of at least $210 million by Sunday. It could be creeping towards $300 million for its entire lifespan. That’s a lot of bikes, shoes and yellow rain slickers. It already ate $7.2 million at 4,103 theaters (not including the one in Derry) on Thursday and smashed a horror film record. As of Thursday, Fandango remains shocked that IT ticket sales are the the highest the online ticketing company has ever seen for anything in the horror genre. Mother! and American Assassin were left floating.

Mother! was rescheduled from its original opening day of October 13 to premiere the week after the epic opening of IT. Bad idea. That much closer to Halloween, it still would have been clawing for the top spot against Happy Death Day, but nothing can save it from confronting the terror of being eaten alive by what is arguably one of Stephen King’s scariest film adaptations.

Sorry Michael Keaton and Jennifer Lawrence, but if I had to choose between seeing IT again and either one of those other two, IT would be a no-brainer for this deranged fan of cinematic nightmares.

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