Stephen King's IT sequel to focus on villain Pennywise the Clown

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Sep 6, 2017, 12:44 PM EDT

As film fans know, Stephen King’s 1986 novel IT has become a duo of films, the first of which will be released this weekend. The initial film will focus on young protagonists who fight Pennywise, an evil force, while the second film returns to the same characters as adults. But the protagonists aren’t the only ones who will shine: Pennywise will get his time in the light.

As book readers know, it’s a dead orange light.

Bill Skarsgård, who plays the clown-faced Pennywise, told Nerdist, “We’re in the early stages and I’m talking to [director] Andy [Muschietti] about it and figuring out what It will be… It’s a different story, but I’m excited to delve in deeper to the character as there’s more exploration for who Pennywise is…And I think that’s what I wanted and that’s where I want to go for the second one, to delve into the psychological and metaphysical spaces of this transdimensional being.”

The character Itself isn’t all that Muschietti can develop. IT belongs to the dimension of the Macroverse, which is referred to in The Dark Tower (Stephen King is known to juggle his characters and concepts between books; for example, some of the characters in IT appear in his later book 11/22/63). The Dark Tower wasn’t well received as a film, but the novel still holds as one of King’s most beloved works. Exploring the Macroverse, and perhaps its relationship to The Dark Tower, would be welcomed by anyone who has ever cracked a King book. And there are millions of us.

Fear not, fans. Muschietti will not be ignoring our older, wiser, and more terrified protagonists. According to Slashfilm, Muschietti said,

I always thought that the kids’ storyline was more interesting than the adults, but I also appreciate the fact that there is a dialogue between the two timelines. […] But I always insisted that if there is a second part, there would be a dialogue between the two timelines, and that it would be approached like the adult life of the losers, there would be flashbacks that sort of illuminate events that are not told in the first one.

Muschietti hopes to start filming the sequel soon—and not just because he’s scheduled to direct a live-action version of Robotech after IT 2. As Slashfilm reports, “I’m just praying that the kids don’t grow up.”

(Via Nerdist)