Stephen King’s new official poster for Gerald’s Game will make you question reality

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Sep 14, 2017, 4:07 PM EDT

As if you already aren’t freaked out by the very idea of being handcuffed to a bed with no escape as you sink further into what may or may not be delusions, Stephen King just released the unsettling official poster for Gerald’s Game, which is creeping onto Netflix later this month.

Based on King’s 1992 novel about bedroom fantasies gone horribly wrong, Gerald’s Game needs this kind of image. The expression on Jessie’s face says it all. She’s trying to pretend she’s enjoying this just to please her husband when she’s actually terrified and on the brink of losing it. The eerie lighting hints at what is lurking in the shadows—both literally and in the dark recesses of Jessie’s mind.

It’s creepy enough that Gerald looks like he obviously has no idea his wife is going to accidentally kick him to his death when he doesn’t want to believe how much this bondage play is making her panic. Or that his corpse is going to be gnawed at by a dog. You just get the feeling that real and unreal are going to blur terrifyingly soon, and when that happens...I’d better stop there for anyone who hasn’t read the book.

The recently released trailer gives a glimpse of what lengths someone could go to just to get out of handcuffs, even just to reach for a glass of water in handcuffs. You know you’re facing death head-on when you start thinking how many hours the human body can survive without water. The moment you start hallucinating should be a warning sign, unless you don’t actually know you’re hallucinating.

If King himself calls this movie “horrifying” and “hypnotic”, that’s enough reason to subscribe to Netflix if you aren’t addicted to it already.

Gerald’s Game will start playing mind games with you on September 29.

(via Bloody-Disgusting)