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Stephen King’s The Tommyknockers tapped for new James Wan-produced movie

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Mar 29, 2018, 8:01 PM EDT (Updated)

Of all the projects getting buzz in the still-unfolding renaissance of all things Stephen King, none may be as buzz-worthy as the just-announced partnership that reportedly puts The Conjuring director James Wan at the helm of an all-new film adaptation of King’s sci-fi horror classic The Tommyknockers.

Wan, reports THR, is teaming up with IT producer Roy Lee to take on the new film project, which is also bringing on board Tommyknockers veteran Larry Sanitsky, who helped produce the 1993 ABC miniseries based on King’s tome.

The project reportedly is being shopped to both traditional big-screen studios as well as direct streaming services like Netflix. Wan and Lee will jointly produce the film via Wan’s Atomic Monster Productions and Lee’s Vertigo Entertainment companies.

the tommyknockers stephen king

Credit: Amazon

King’s 1987 page-turner had solid horror underpinnings, but really marked an ambitious foray into the world of sci-fi. Combining alien spacecraft, borg-like groupthink, and morally ambiguous superpowers into a story that made loosely autobiographical references (protagonists Bobbi Anderson and Eric Gardener both were writers), The Tommyknockers outsold most of King’s already-established horror landmarks and eventually got picked up for the television treatment.

King and his work have been enjoying a new wave of attention lately. IT was a massive success, achieving one of the highest box office takes ever for an R-rated film. A sequel is already in the works. Elsewhere, Hulu has launched Castle Rock, the setting for many stories within King’s Maine-centric horror-verse; a new Pet Sematary movie is in development; and Mr. Mercedes is getting a second season.

As for King himself, 2018 will see the release of not one but two new books: 576-page The Outsider, which releases in May, and a shorter novella, Elevation, which comes out on Oct. 30 — just in time for Halloween. King’s also editing a horror anthology about the fear of flying called Flight or Fright.

We’ve still got plenty of miles between this fresh Tommyknockers announcement and a finished product, so stay tuned for updates as the project gels. In the meantime, check out Wan’s The Conjuring on pretty much every streaming service there is, and then get ready for the Dec. 18 release of Wan’s next feature: DC Films’ Aquaman.