Stephen and Owen King's new book gets picked up for TV

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Apr 5, 2017

The epic new novel from the King boys isn't even out yet and plans are afoot to adapt it for television.

That's the word from Deadline, which reports that the rights to Sleeping Beauties, the upcoming book from Stephen King and his son Owen, have been snapped up by Anonymous Content. The production company, which has been behind films like The Revenant and Spotlight as well as TV shows like Mr. Robot, The OA and True Detective, will partner with the Kings to develop the book as a TV series.

Coming in at nearly 800 pages, Sleeping Beauties takes place in a small town that's home to a women's prison. It's the near future and when women go to sleep, they become enveloped in a cocoon-like shroud; if their slumber or the gauze wrapped around them is disturbed in any way, the women awaken in a violent, animalistic state. 

As the women sleep, men are left to their own devices and are predictably unable to take care of themselves, turning increasingly primal in their own way. And one woman, named Evie, is not afflicted with the strange sleeping disease at all, which makes her either a medical miracle or something more dangerous.

Stephen King, as we've noted before, is getting a lot of love these days from both movie studios and TV networks: films and/or series based on It, The Dark Tower, Revival, Gerald's Game, The Mist and Mr. Mercedes are all on the way, along with a show based on his fictional town of Castle Rock. With Sleeping Beauties not even published yet, the fact that it's already going into development as a series seems to indicate that the appetite for new King material to adapt is stronger than ever.

On his own, Owen King is adapting his graphic novel Intro to Alien Invasion for the movies, while he and his brother Joe Hill are collaborating on a TV series based on their origial script Fade Away.

Sleeping Beauties will hit bookstores in September 2017. Here's the cover art:

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