Stephen King's freaky zombie flick Cell has found its star

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

The film adaption of Stephen King's apocalyptic horror novel Cell—which tells the story of a father's journey to find both his wife and his son after a signal broadcast to all cell phones turns users into mindless zombie-like killers—has found its star. Turns out he's no stranger to King's stories.

Actor John Cusack, who recently starred in The Raven as the great Edgar Allan Poe, has been tapped to star in Cell as Clayton Riddell, the father/hero of the movie.

Cusack had already starred in 2007's supernatural horror film 1408, an adaptation of King's short story of the same name. That movie proved a solid box-office hit in the long term, so it's not much of a surprise that they'd want to keep the Cusack/King connection intact.

For Cell, King co-wrote the screenplay with The Last House on the Left screenwriter Adam Alleca. They are now looking for directors. A TV miniseries version of the story, as well as an Eli Roth-directed film, were both floated a few years ago, but those projects eventually went kaput.

Former Dimension Films president of production and 1408 executive Richard Saperstein will produce the film:

"I'm thrilled to be working with Stephen and John again," said Saperstein. "Cell is an intelligent psychological thriller that delivers on both a visceral and emotional level."

"Stephen King is a legendary storyteller and the master at this genre," said Cargo CEO Marina Grasic. "We believe the reteaming of King with Cusack is a winning combination that audiences around the world will want to see."

Are you guys excited about the casting of John Cusack in Stephen King's Cell?

(via Screen Daily)