Stephenie Meyer teases that there WILL be more Twilight novels

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Dec 14, 2012

Some of you would run screaming to the bookstore to get your hands on a new Twilight novel, while others of you would just ... run screaming. So this news is only going to satisfy half of you.

Ten Twilight fans aged 15 to 34 won a roundtable meeting with Meyer in Vancouver, and according to USA Today, they were able to get quite a bit of info out of her, some of it spoilery.

And though she won't be writing any more books about Edward and Bella, because "the story's already been told, and I doubt I'll ever write another series based on the same characters," she does have a return to Twilight percolating in the back of her mind.

When asked whether whether Jacob (the werewolf/shape shifter) and Renesmee (Edward and Bella's human/vampire hybrid child) could ever have children, she replied:

"That is a question I'm reserving the right not to answer, because there is a chance I'll go back to their story."

As for what Meyer may be writing before she returns to Twilight, it looks like she'll be trading in fangs for scales:

"When I was growing up, I was obsessed with mermaids. I do have a very elaborate outline for a book. I'm not working on it right now, but I have the feeling it's going to be big. It's going to be 1,000 pages."

We don't know whether Meyer can do for mermaids what she did for vamps, but considering the millions of copies sold of the books in the Twilight saga, it's likely she will.

Though we're betting only half of you will be pleased about that!

(via Galleycat)

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