Stetsons are cool in 17 Doctor Who Wild West episode set pics

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Dec 17, 2012

The first pics from the filming of Doctor Who's Wild West episode are here! While there's sadly no sight of Farscape's Ben Browder just yet, we do get a look at our favorite Time Lord wearing his beloved Stetson (Stetsons are cool) on a horse (horses are also cool). Plus we also have a look at those soon-to-be-sadly-departing Ponds and the episode's villain ...

Our beloved TARDIS Trio of The Doctor (Matt Smith), Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) are currently hard at work in the southern town of Almeria, Spain, shooting the third episode of the highly anticipated seventh season of Doctor Who. The western-themed story was written by Being Human creator Toby Whithouse.

As you may already know, most spaghetti westerns from the '60s and '70s—like Sergio Leone's A Fistful of Dollars—have been filmed in this beautiful desert-filled area. So why break with a longstanding tradition? Plus, it's probably cheaper for the Who production crew to cross the Channel than the Atlantic. Just sayin'.

From the looks of the pics, even the busiest of Time Lords takes time to check his messages on his cell phone ... and help out with the tarpaulin. Now Time Lords definitely are cool.

And whadda we have here, too? *mild spoilers*

The last two pictures apparently show the episode's big bad galactic villain, and he does look like a proper black-clad villain to us. This western-themed episode's monster is new to the Who lore and is being described as a "half-human, half-robot Terminator-style beast." We don't know about you, but we're getting a strong Yul Brynner badass-robot-in-Westworld vibe here.

What do you think of the pics and of the villain?

( via Doctor Who TV)