Steve Guttenberg returns to battle giant fire-breathing spiders in first 2Lava2Lantula teaser trailer

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Jun 15, 2016, 3:31 PM EDT

There’s more fire-breathing gigantic spider mayhem coming our way thanks to the upcoming sequel to last summer’s hit Syfy B-movie, Lavalantula.

Titled 2Lava2Lantula, the movie sees the return of Steve Guttenberg (Police Academy) as '90s action movie star Colton West. West gets to battle those volcanic creatures again and even comes across a monstrous gargantulantula. Hot damn that was a mouthful!

The sequel looks as cheesy as the first movie (it’s a B-movie after all), but it also looks like a lot of fun. It’s the kind of summer movie where you check your brain at the door, settle on your couch, and chow down on some warm buttery popcorn.

Also back is Guttenberg’s fellow Police Academy alum Michael Winslow in the role of Marty. The movie also stars Michele Weaver (Raya West), Jimmy Bellinger (Kyle), Lorynn York (Daniella), Randall Walker, Jr. (TJ), Erron Jay (Brick), Martin Kove (Colonel Jester), and Marion Ramsey (Teddie).

Have a look at the glorious B-movie madness in the first teaser trailer for 2Lava2Lantula:

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2Lava2Lantula is set for an Aug. 6 premiere date. Will you be tuning in?

(via Bloody-Disgusting)