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Steve Trevor is somehow back in first look at Wonder Woman 1984

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Jun 13, 2018, 9:41 AM EDT

We knew that Patty Jenkins-helmed sequel to Wonder Woman, newly announced as Wonder Woman 1984, was going to be set in the 1980s. We knew that joining Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince would be Pedro Pascal (as somebody we don’t know yet), Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah, and some sort of cameo for original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter.

We certainly didn’t know that her human love, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), would be making an appearance -- unaged and seemingly whole.

That’s a little odd, mostly because that guy:

  • got blown to smithereens during World War I
  • ages like a regular person and thus would NOT look like hunky, young Chris Pine during the ‘80s.

But according to a tweet that Jenkins sent out this morning... Trevor looks to be fine -- albeit as confused as we are -- in 1984.

Just... look and be confused with us:

Yeah, that’s Trevor looking like Huey Lewis and Wonder Woman faced with a bevy of screens (hint, hint, 1984) -- all showing advertisements (which could tie in to Cheetah’s wealthy character).

Patty Jenkins does not give one single, solitary damn about spoiler concerns -- though this could be a Deadpool 2-level misdirection -- because how could Trevor be alive? Is it a dream sequence? An unseen rescue from the first movie that’ll be shown in flashback? Either way, this helps explain why Jenkins teased that Wonder Woman 2 would have an equally potent love story. What is going on!?

Wonder Woman 1984 comes out on November 1, 2019.