Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss to give Dracula the Sherlock treatment

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Jun 20, 2017, 11:30 AM EDT

Individually or together, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss can make magic happen. Whether it’s BBC’s Sherlock or Doctor Who, they know how to breathe new life into vintage properties. According to reports, they've now set their sights on the most famous vampire in the world – Dracula.

Moffat and Gatiss are writing a new TV series centered on the Bram Stoker creation. Like Sherlock, it will utilize the same miniseries format with feature-length episodes. The pair will also join forces with frequent producing partner Sue Vertue’s Hartswood Films. Although both Moffat and Gatiss are currently working on other projects, BBC is already in talks to carry the revamped (pun intended) tale. Considering the critical acclaim Sherlock garnered the past few years, it'll be interesting to see what Moffat and Gatiss do with the concept.

Back in 2013, NBC aired a short-lived adaptation of Dracula starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers. That version took place in the past, whereas Moffat and Gatiss’ setting is unknown. Their take on Sherlock was most notable for placing the titular detective in modern times, so it stands to reason they could follow that model, again. Or not.


(Via Variety)