Steven Moffat fires back at fans and talks the fate of the sonic screwdriver on Doctor Who

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Oct 7, 2015, 7:52 PM EDT (Updated)

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat is responding to the backlash surrounding the Doctor’s (Peter Capaldi) new sonic sunglasses, and the current loss of the sonic screwdriver.

Many fans were none too happy when the Doctor traded his screwdriver for some sonic shades. They even got #bringbackthescrewdriver trending on Twitter. The Twelfth Doctor left his trusty sonic in the hands of a young Davros at the end of the Season 9 premiere two-parter “The Magician’s Apprentice”/ “The Witches’ Familiar.”

But can we expect to see the Doctor’s sonic (it “doesn’t do wood”) screwdriver back in the future? “I'm sure the screwdriver will show up again someday” Moffat said, adding he knew how much the shift from the screwdriver to the sunglasses might upset fans of the BBC series. So why did he do it?

“Sometimes you have to be heretical. Sometimes you actually have to embrace the heresy” he added. “And I just thought, really, on a whim, why would The Doctor feel wedded to a screwdriver? 

Also it maybe resurrected the original joke which we've sort of slightly forgotten that the screwdriver was just a screwdriver that made a noise.”


Were you guys upset that the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver was replaced by the sonic sunglasses on Doctor Who? What do you think of Steven Moffat's reasons for making the switch?

(via Radio Times)

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