Steven Moffat responds to criticisms that claim Doctor Who is too dark

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Dec 16, 2014, 9:52 AM EST (Updated)

Steven Moffat has responded to repeated criticisms that claim Doctor Who is now too dark -- especially for kids.

In an interview with TV & Satellite Week magazine the Doctor Who and Sherlock mastermind said:

“I wish those people would do a bit of research. Go and discover what children are reading now. Harry Potter’s very dark. All the Young Adult literature is very dark. And children are dark and serious people.”

True that. You only have to look at the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales to see some pretty dark stuff that’s basically aimed at kids. Harry Potter started relatively "light" but got darker as it went along.

Still, according to Moffat, not all of season eight was dark. He pointed out some of the season’s lighter moments, which included an episode with Robin Hood. Moffat told SFX magazine:

“Not all the series was very dark. That’s been slightly talked up. People are forgetting “Robot Of Sherwood” or “Time Heist” or “In the Forest Of The Night”. We did lots of silly, silly things. Just because Peter frowned at you during them doesn’t mean that we’re any less barking mad than normal.

The showrunner also discussed the tone (which, funnily enough, will be quite dark despite the silliness of that last clip) of the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special -- "The Last Christmas" -- saying that:

“We certainly pick up the threads of where we were. We don’t just say ‘oh, we’re stepping aside for Christmas to have a party and then we’ll pick up the plot again in episode one’. To be fair sometimes we’ve come close to doing that with the Christmas specials.

“This time you’re going to see the consequences of the last things you saw on screen, and it’s played out quite seriously. The darkness really comes from the complexity and danger in the friendship between the Doctor and Clara. A lovely and wonderful and warm and serious friendship though it is, if occasionally explosive, it’s a troubling one. It would trouble you if you saw it. I you were Clara’s best friend, you’d be saying “He looks barking mad to me”…”

What do you guys make of the eighth season of Doctor Who? Do you think the show has gotten too dark for younger viewers, or is it pretty much the same as it was before?

(via Doctor Who TV)

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