Steven Moffat talks K-9, Clara's 'traumatic' exit, and how long he'll stay

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Oct 3, 2015, 7:22 PM EDT (Updated)

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has opened up about Clara’s (Jenna Coleman) departure from the show this season, and although he didn’t give away any big whopping spoilers, he did tease that it would be “traumatic” for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor.

In a new interview with TV & Satellite Week magazine out in the UK, Moffat had a few interesting things to say about Clara’s departure, his future on the show and the Doctor’s BFF robotic canine, erm, K-9. About Clara leaving, Moffat said:

“I won’t answer specifically, but I would say that one thing this show does very well is that we don’t make the departure of our regulars a small event. When the Doctor loses somebody, when a friendship ends, it’s traumatic.

“I don’t like that thing in a TV series where somebody just decides to leave and you never see them again. We’ve made a promise on this show that we’re always going to make you feel it. Always. You should, and that’s right.”

But what about the showrunner’s own future on the BBC series? Does he plan to stay on for a few more years, or is he ready to jump TARDISes?

“I thought I would get tired by it, and of it. But I haven’t. If anything, I think I cope with the stress and fatigue better than I used to. So I take it a year at a time. But they might decide that they’ve had enough of me and kick me out!”

As for K-9, Moffat reveals that he had planned for the little robotic dog to make his cosmic return during last year's Doctor Who Ho Ho Ho-fully festive Xmas special:

“I nearly put him in last Christmas. I had a whole scene where the Doctor was pointing out how ludicrous Santa Claus is, having a reindeer with a glowing nose and so on… and then in comes K-9. Completely daft, but he’s brilliant. I’m totally up for K-9 when we have the right idea.”

What do you think would be an appropriate sendoff for Soufflé Girl? Do you believe Steven Moffat is still the right man for the job of steering the Doctor's TARDIS through time and space? But more importantly, do you want K-9 back?

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