Steven Moffat worried about 'crashing' Doctor Who

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Nov 18, 2014

Steven Moffat revealed he was feeling the pressure when he took over Doctor Who. In fact, the showrunner feared “crashing” the series. But one thing he hasn't feared: Peter Capaldi's work operating the TARDIS.

At a panel to promote the Doctor Who season eight home video release, Moffat responded to a question from host Frank Skinner about damaging the long-running series after taking over for previous showrunner Russell T Davies back in 2010.

Here’s what Moffat said:

“Yes of course you do. Any time you make a big shift in it or a big change in it, which we did this year, then you’re properly worried – it’s like you’re curator of the crown jewels or something.”

Moffat then explained how he actually manages to put all those pesky concerns and worries aside:

“You have to shut that off in your mind. You’ve got to treat it like you own it – even though you don’t.

“You have to sort of be bold with it, you have to sort of behave as if you were allowed to do this. If all you were ever doing is tending to the upkeep of the monument, then it’s not gonna be a proper TV show.”

Even though Moffat was a bit worried about making changes to Doctor Who, the showrunner was pretty sure about one thing: Peter Capaldi in the bigger-on-the-inside shoes of the Doctor.

Last week, at a Royal Television Society event, Steven Moffat praised Peter Capaldi -- who, just yesterday, was confirmed to return as the Twelfth Doctor for season nine and revealed he turned down the opportunity to audition for the Eighth Doctor -- for saving Doctor Who with his darker portrayal of the beloved Time Lord, saying:

“A show dies when it’s reliable like a pair of old slippers. If any reviewer says that about a show that show is gone within a year.”

“Shows die when people say: ‘Oh, it’s quite good. I quite like it.’ And the ‘new show’ is old now, so this had to be a reinvention.”

Here's what he specifically said about Capaldi’s colder, darker Doctor:

 “This has been different and designed to make you go: ‘I don’t trust him yet, I don’t know what he’s like - what’s he going to do next?’ It’s exciting and makes the show new again.”

“If people say: ‘I’m appalled by the new Doctor!’ I say: ‘Yeah, yeah, and you’re watching it every week.’”

What do you guys think about Steven Moffat's revelations? Do you also agree that Capaldi's darker Doctor helped "regenerate" the beloved 50-year old sci-fi series?

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