Steven Spielberg confirms George Lucas' involvement in Indiana Jones 5

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Jun 22, 2016, 2:51 PM EDT

Lucas, why'd it have to be Lucas?!  Whether you consider this a good thing or a bad thing, George Lucas will be involved with Steven Spielberg's Indiana Jones 5 and serve as executive producer with Spielberg on the project.   Exactly what input he'll have isn't clear, but Lucas did help create the iconic Indy character and mega franchise with his friend and certainly deserves to be a participant in the process.  


Spielberg has already gone on record about not killing off Harrision Ford when the fedora-wearing archaeologist returns to the big screen in 2019, with the musical wizardry of John Williams joining the team as film composer as well.  So now that the gang is back together, let's hope Lucas is a positive force in manifesting an engaging, coherent film that will help regain Indy's cinematic dignity and keep him out of musty old refrigerators.  

Spielberg was making his press rounds during Monday's promo tour for his new fantasy, The BFG, when he made the announcement:

“George is going to be an executive producer on it with me. Of course I would never make an Indiana Jones film without George Lucas. That would be insane.“


Let's all be positive and remember that Lucas did partner up with Spielberg on the first three Indy films after concocting the old-fashioned matinee idol with his buddy duing a Maui vacation in 1977, and despite how irritated you remain about 2008's Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Lucas does possess considerable experience with the character and more than enough filmmaking instincts still left in the old creative tank.  

Indiana Jones 5 is slated to swing into theaters on July 19, 2019.

How do you feel about Spielberg and Lucas teamed up again on the upcoming film, and are you eager to see Ford crack the whip once more?

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