Steven Spielberg walks us through the idea behind Jurassic World in new footage

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May 26, 2015

Though Colin Trevorrow is directing Jurassic World, he’s still playing in a sandbox created a long time ago by Steven Spielberg — and now the man himself is here to talk sequel.

Spielberg talks up the new Jurassic flick as part of some new footage dropped by the studio, which shows off some fresh action interspersed with comments from Spielberg, Trevorrow and star Chris Pratt talking about what sets this film apart from previous entries in the franchise (namely: creating an ever-scarier dinosaur). 

Considering Spielberg hasn’t had a ton to say about the sequel, it’s nice to see him step in here (Spielberg is producing this entry) and chime in about Trevorrow’s upcoming contribution to the series. After two sequels that treaded on the same concepts as the original film, it’s nice to see them at least taking a shot with a fresh idea to put a twist on the formula.

Check out the footage below:

Speaking of the manufactured dinosaur at the center of the film, Trevorrow also chatted with Entertainment Weekly about how they came up with the idea for Indominus Rex and what it’s meant to represent. Basically: It’s a metaphor for the world today, as we’re always looking for the Next Big Thing, to the point that we miss the wonder right in front of us. Well played:

"No, it’s not a real dinosaur. The Indominus was meant to embody our worst tendencies. We’re surrounded by wonder and yet we want more. And we want it bigger, faster, louder, better. And in the world of the movie the animal is designed based on a series of corporate focus groups. Like in the same way a lot of movies are. They sit a bunch of people down and they ask them, ‘What can we do to make the dinosaurs more entertaining for you? What would make you tell a friend to come to Jurassic World?’ And their answer is, of course, ‘We want to see something bigger, faster, louder, more vicious; we want a killer.’ And they get what what they ask for."

Jurassic World opens June 12. 

(Via Jurassic World, Entertainment Weekly)

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