Steven Moffat: Don't believe those Cumberbatch Doctor Who rumors

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Dec 16, 2012

Still holding on to the possibility that Benedict Cumberbatch—the man with the most delicious name ever—could play the villainous Master in the 50th-anniversary special of Doctor Who? Showrunner Steven Moffat recently decided to address those rumors once and for all. Kinda.

Quizzed by Radio Times at the Royal Television Society awards regarding the rumors linking his Sherlock leading man—actor Benedict Cumberbatch (who is, as we speak, still hard at work being the unknown-mysterious-big-bad-villain on Star Trek 2/XII)—to the role of the Doctor's mortal enemy and fellow Time Lord, the Master, Moffat said:

"People really do sit in rooms and make that stuff up. Look at the filming schedules for Doctor Who and Sherlock—those two shows tend to shoot at the same time. We'd have a problem and there's only so much I can arrange."

Still, Steven Moffat doesn't actually rule out the possibility that it could happen down the line, adding: "But who knows what could happen in the future ..."

The wily Who showrunner also teased whether we'd see another big story arc in season seven (don't forget: we have the Fall of the Eleventh to look forward to ... or not) and said:

"As ever, there's a bit of both. But this time we're moving closer to stand-alone stories. At this point, we're not planning any two-parters. So, every week is going to be like a different mad movie."

"We went quite 'arc' last time and we're going stand-alone this time around. But that doesn't mean that there aren't those things creeping in. You've got to find a way to make the last episode special, and by God that worked ratings-wise last year. We don't want to abandon that idea."

He then teased: "Watch out for the title of episode two. I think that's a belter. It's one of my favourite titles ever."

How can another Doctor Who title possibly be better than last season's ''Let's Kill Hitler''? Impossible, we say!

So what do you think about Steven Moffat's sorta-but-not-really denial that Benedict Cumberbatch could play the Master on the show? Do you still believe we'll see him square off against Matt Smith's Doctor for the 50th-anniversary shindig?

(via Radio Times)