Steven Moffat says Yates Who movie would be 'a heathen thing to do'

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Dec 16, 2012

After breaking our hearts into a million tiny pieces yesterday with his announcement that Amy and Rory are leaving Doctor Who next year, Steven Moffat may have just made up for it (but only a little) by confirming again that that David Yates' Who movie reboot is not gonna happen on his watch, calling the whole project "a heathen thing to do" and a "heresy."

Those were the exact words Steven Moffat used while he and Who star Matt Smith were guests on BBC Radio 5 Live's Richard Bacon Show earlier today.

The question of that controversial Doctor Who movie "reboot" being planned by Harry Potter director David Yates came up again, and this is what Moffat said:

David (Yates) was talking a little out of turn, there; a very, very brilliant director but no the film as described by him, of course we're not going to do that—a film that contradicts the television series, it would be a heathen thing to do ... I would be 'beheaded' to do such a thing!

It would be wonderful to do a Doctor Who film, but when and if we did—and hopefully we will be doing it—it will be very much an offshoot of the television series and we'll be part of it, and it will star the television Doctor, of course—anything else would be heresy!

Heresy indeed! We're definitely on the side of Steven Moffat on that subject: A Doctor Who movie should be an offshoot of the beloved sci-fi TV series. You just can't brush aside almost 50 years of intricate and rich, colorful storytelling just like that.

Don't you agree?

(via Doctor Who News)