Terra Nova troubles: Spielberg's series fires its writing staff

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Dec 14, 2012

Steven Spielberg's time-traveling sci-fi epic Terra Nova, which had its Comic-Con presentation canceled and its premiere on Fox pushed back from January until fall 2011, now has a new set of woes—most of its writers have just been given the pink slip.

20th Century Fox Television laid off most of the writing staff, including former X-Files writer Chris Brancato. FlashForward's Brannon Braga, remains in charge as show runner.

Does this mean the long-gestating series is in trouble? Not according to unnamed insiders who claim this is merely a necessary cost-cutting measure brought about due to the delay of the series premiere.

Los Angeles Times reports:

But because that pushed the bulk of episode production back until next summer, 20th Century Fox Television was faced with the prospect of paying a lot of writers to do not very much over the next few months. Instead, it decided to hand out a pink slip to any writer it did not have an overall deal with. ...

"These are expensive writers," one insider said.

The studio will either rehire the writers next year—if they are available—or scout new talent.

So what do you think? Do we need to start worrying about Terra Nova? Or should we just chalk it up to the way life works in Hollywood?