Stewart Hendler teases Bryan Singer's secret sci-fi Web series

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Add one more project to the increasing slate Bryan Singer has in development. Having just announced plans for a new Battlestar Galactica movie, an Excalibur remake and possibly X-Men: First Class, Singer is also working on something for the Internet market. Stewart Hendler is collaborating with Singer.

"I'm doing a Web series with Bryan Singer and Warner Brothers which I can't talk about," Hendler said in a group interview on Aug. 30 in Beverly Hills, Calif. where he was promoting the film Sorority Row. "I'm under NDA. It's sci-fi, it's set in the future, and it's got a Lost vibe to it. That's kind of all I can say, unfortunately. It's super top secret."

Despite his other news, Singer has been completely available to Hendler. "Yeah, he's just got three announcements," Hendler said. "We sat down, we had dinner the other night. He's a crazy hard worker. So far he's been there for us. So far so good. We're in prep, in development. He's awesome, he's brilliant. He certainly carries a lot of film notoriety with him, so his name certainly opens doors. He's a good guy."

Developing a series for the Web gives Hendler more artistic freedom than a feature film. The low budgets afforded to Web production balance that out, said Hendler. "So, yes, lots of creative freedom in that way. Very challenging in terms of financial and how much content we want to put out there. We want to do about two hours, 48 episodes, three to five minutes each. It's very, very ambitious. Nobody's funding a Web series at the levels they fund movies right now, so we'll see."