Still mourning Torchwood's Ianto Jones? You can stop. He's back!

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Dec 14, 2012

Ianto Jones is back, baby! Well, sort of, anyway. How? Let's back up a minute and talk about how we got here.

Torchwood's favorite butler with a cyber-woman hidden in the basement died tragically during the epic Children of Earth series. It was one of the most emotional scenes in the show's history.

The result? One of the most emotional fan backlashes in sci-fi history.

Campaigns to bring the character back were formed, death threats to creator Russell T Davies were sent, and it devolved into a war of words between writers and fans. Davies swore he'd never bring Ianto back, and fans swore they'd keep fighting to change his mind. It seemed there would be a permanent stalemate—until today, that is.

With Torchwood's latest series, Miracle Day, coming to Starz, the show has seen a sudden renewal. We've already mentioned the motion comic, Web of Lies, starring none other than Elizu Dushku. But in addition, there will be a series of radio dramas set prior to Children of Earth.

Why prior? You guessed it—so that Gareth David-Lloyd could once again bring his voice to the role that made us love him. The actor confirmed the news today via his Twitter feed.

The three episodes, Submission, House of the Dead and The Devil and Miss Carew, are due out this year, but no firm date has been given.

Does the news make you feel a little bit better?