Sting commemorates his 'brother' John Constantine in comic foreword to Hellblazer collection

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Nov 7, 2018

With the release of the upcoming collection John Constantine, Hellblazer: 30th Anniversary Celebration hardcover next week, the titular John Constantine got an unusually heartfelt introduction written by none other than Sting.

The musician penned the lengthy introduction, commemorating the fact that creator Alan Moore initially modeled the character after him. Earlier today, Entertainment Weekly obtained an excerpt from Sting's introduction, where the famous musician praises the chain-smoking superhero as his "brother."

"If it’s true that the souls of murderers and their victims are cursed to be shackled together through countless eternities then that would explain the fact that I can speak of this now, and would indicate that my consciousness has somehow been sustained in some parallel universe only partially linked to the one that my brother currently inhabits, we are still identical, although our paths have diverged."

The introduction goes on to detail how Sting found his path as a musician and pop star, while John Constantine became a rather effective sorcerer fighting the forces of darkness. It ends with Sting eagerly anticipating a copy of the anniversary comic as "a thin package will be mysteriously delivered to my office and I will see evidence of my long lost brother for the first time within the pages of a DC comic book."

Basically, the entire read is a delightfully strange ode to one of DC's most popular cult characters, who on the small screen was recently elevated to a series regular on DC's Legends of Tomorrow. He also regularly appears in the pages of Justice League: Dark.

The anniversary comic hits stores on November 13, but in the meantime, it's entirely worth reading Sting's excerpt here. Will you be checking out John Constantine, Hellblazer: 30th Anniversary Celebration? Let us know in the comments.

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