Stinking good! There's a Garbage Pail Kids documentary wafting to theaters

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:33 AM EDT (Updated)

I love Garbage Pail Kids. I got my first card around age 6, and I still remember my favorite card: K.O. Kody, a little redhead kid that had had the crap beat out of him. Swollen lumps, black eyes, bleeding cuts ... he was the most explicitly gross card I had, and my parents hated it. I still have all my Garbage Pail Kids cards.

I am so excited to find out that someone has created a Garbage Pail Kids documentary. Titled 30 Years of Garbage, the film will tell the history of the Garbage Pail Kids, from their start as an "underground" parody of another very popular 1980s toy, Cabbage Patch Kid dolls (of which I had two), through to the legal action that was brought upon the creators by the Cabbage Patch people. 

30 Years of Garbage has been directed by current Garbage Pail artist Joe Simko and Jeff Zapata, former art director at Topps Trading Card. The original artists, creators, even actors from the 1987 film discuss the history of Garbage Pail Kids. It's currently being screened in limited release around the country, and will also become available on digital.

Were you a Garbage Pail Kid fan? Share your favorite cards in the comments below!

(via 30 Years of Garbage)