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Exclusive: Kyle Harris pays a steep price to save a life when Freeform's Stitchers returns for Season 3

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Jun 5, 2017, 4:41 PM EDT (Updated)

When Stitchers returns to Freeform for its third season tonight, Cameron will face some dramatic changes in his life, said the actor who plays him, Kyle Harris, in an exclusive interview with Syfy Wire. In fact, his NSA scientist character is going to pay a dramatic price to save Kirsten from the ultimate stitch.

Proceed at your own risk! Spoilers abound!

Last season the Stitchers team risked the wrath of the NSA to help Kirsten unravel the mysteries behind her missing and possibly murderous father, her half-sister Ivy, who knows more than she's saying, and her alive but missing mother. But Kirsten's life ended up hanging in the balance when she got trapped in a memory during the stitch and the team couldn't wake her up. 

When Stitchers returns, dangerous steps must be taken to save Kirsten's life, while the team faces the consequences of their actions with the NSA, said Harris. And this season Cameron will get a promotion when Salli Richardson-Whitfield's Maggie leaves the Stitchers program for a few episodes, and he'll end up in a new long-awaited relationship.

Harris (Cut Shoot Kill) talked with Syfy Wire about what we have to look forward to this season, some of the best stitches we'll see, and Cameron finally getting the right girl.

Last season, in a stitch gone wrong, Kirsten was trapped in her own memory and wouldn't wake up. Where do we pick up?

Kyle Harris: What we can look forward to is that we'll pick up right where we left off. It's 72 hours later. Cameron is still at Kristen's side holding her hand. She's hooked up to an IV. Everyone's on very little sleep. Cameron's on no sleep, and they've exhausted all of their options of trying to get her out of this memory. How do we make her bounce?

Stitchers - Kyle Harris

Linus comes up with an idea that puts Kirsten's life in peril. And Cameron has no choice but to agree to this, knowing if Kirsten doesn't make it she will die, but if she does make it it will come with a price and some consequences that will affect his relationship with Kristen if she comes out of this stitch.

No pressure.

No pressure. So she dies or there's this price to pay when she comes out. So he's willing to deal with those consequences, but he's happy at the end of the day that he gets Kirsten back. But it definitely comes with a price.

The team defied the NSA and Blaire. How do they get out of that mess?

We kind of get in some serious hot water with the NSA. And he throws a wrench into the plan. Their jobs are essentially on the line, and he threatens to divide the team and take Cameron away from Kirsten forever and break them up. That's kind of the price we pay for kicking ass and putting the NSA in handcuffs in our own lab. We deal with it in our own way.

What kind of issues does Cameron deal with being in a relationship with Kirsten, considering what's going on with Kirsten's mom and dad missing, and her being at odds with her sister.

Yeah, there's a lot of family drama that Cameron finds himself in the middle of. The relationship also causes some interesting conflicts within the stitches themselves, because there's a little hormone called oxytocin that gets released in Kirsten's brain now that she's in love with Cameron. And that, you'll see, kind of clouds some of the stitches and makes it hard for her to get all the information. And so that itself becomes a conflict between Cameron and Kirsten this season.

Of course we're wondering about Stinger and whether he's good or evil. Whether he's a killer or not.

He might have good intentions but execute them in an evil way.

Stitchers - Kyle Harris

It looks like Cameron's is going through quite a lot this season. He's finally getting together with Kirsten, which assumes he's breaking up with Nina. And he's getting promotion with Maggie leaving for a few episodes. How's it going to play out?

So much good television is keeping your heroes apart from each other, because there's so much more room to play conflict and drama in between the cracks of all that. And in this season, now that Kirsten and Cameron are together, the show's still interesting and flirty and fun and sexy while having some sort of conflict in between those lines.

What has surprised you that's happened with Cameron, the thing you weren't expecting?

I think the thing that I wasn't expecting with Cameron is he's still very, very patient. Throughout all the seasons, as uptight as he can get and as demanding [as work is], he still been very patient with Kirsten and with Maggie and still showing up as a soldier and keeping his head down and doing the work that he's been doing, even though knowing that there's something above him that he's still not aware of or he doesn't have all the information of, and yet he puts his life on the line every day for this program. And I was kind of expecting this season for him to be a little more demanding as far as getting to the bottom of things but it was a slow burn. It eventually got there but for someone who's as high strung as he is he still kept his cool, which I was not expecting. It's a slow burn, but he finally gets his answers. It should be an interesting journey to watch.

What about the young Cameron anomaly that's been interfering with Kirsten's stitches?

We get to the bottom of who is behind that anomaly and who was messing with Kristen's memories. And that raises up a lot of trust issues and it kind of divides the team as to thinking was it Stinger? Was it Ivy? What are their intentions? Is Ivy good? Is Ivy bad? Is Stinger good? Is Stinger bad? And it definitely is a theme through this season. That kind of leaves the team divided.

Stitchers - Kyle Harris

Are there any stitches you can tell us about?

Yeah, definitely. Some of my favorites are we stitch into a man who may or may not have been abducted by aliens. We have one that is a victim that we see trapped in a closet and we find out that it is a love doll used by some rich kind of billionaire Mr. Perfect tycoon type. That throws the team for a loop. We have a victim who might have been at the hands of Cameron's father, which is probably my favorite episode, episode five. So those are some of the really kind of off beat, fun, exciting stitches that stuck out to me this season. A little different than the usual revenge death episodes we're used to seeing. So those are the ones that I'm looking forward to seeing this season.

If someone has never seen Stitchers before why should they catch up and watch the new season? What's special about this season?

This is a show that has a little bit of everything that you're looking for when you sit down to watch TV. It's something that interesting. It's something that is possible and potentially relevant in science. It is something you can relate to on all levels as far as relationships go, family goes, the work field goes, and it lets you step out of your comfort zone and dive into a little bit of that fantasy world where these are real people given these unrealistic situations that I think speaks to anyone watching.

Here's the trailer for tonight's premiere.