Stomach-churning supercut of 61 gory exploding head scenes

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Jul 4, 2015, 4:04 PM EDT

Nothing succeeds like excess—especially when it comes to bursting brains from our favorite movies, all collected into one seriously sick salute. Let the craniums fly!

How do you say "game over" more definitively than a good old-fashioned melon mashing? Unless you're the Headless Horseman, it's difficult to accomplish daily tasks without your precious noggin attached. The wizards at AFX compiled this murderous montage featuring the best exploding heads ever caught on film, from the classic Scanners money shot to Hellraiser, Jason X and Planet Terror.

So turn up the volume, set aside that meatball sub for a moment and witness this glorious symphony of delirious decapitations, horrendous head shots and splattering skulls. Don't forget to wash off well afterward ...

For a full list of the gory featured films, head on over to Shock Till You Drop.

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