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Stop showing up at Jeffrey Dean Morgan's house, weirdos

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Jul 5, 2018, 10:59 AM EDT

You’re a fan of Jeffrey Dean Morgan? That’s understandable. The Walking Dead and Watchman star is great, with a humor that can enhance or flavor his gruff gravitas. But some people have been taking their adoration of the actor to creepy levels of stalkerhood.

Fans (if you can call them that after showing so little regard for the object of their affection) have been showing up at Morgan’s home and harassing him - which led the actor to post a plea on Twitter for people to show a little common decency and respect for privacy.

"Dear people that think it's a solid plan to come to our house, take pictures, drive up to house, knock on door... it's not a good plan," he wrote. "It's rude and creepy. Respect our privacy please. And... you're being recorded."

If you wanna feel closer to Morgan, he and Paul Rudd own a candy shop in Rhinebeck, NY. You could buy a poster. Go to a convention and get an autograph. But leave the man’s home alone.

You can get your non-intrusive JDM fix when he returns as Negan in The Walking Dead’s ninth season this fall.

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