Why George R.R. Martin is not your bitch—and more!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Here's a list of our hottest stories and best comments this week, in case you missed anything. (And it turns out a lot of you were hot to debate the merits of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.) Think of this week-ending roundup as a DVR for SCI FI Wire.


Our story: HBO says yes to Game of Thrones series (plus 1st pic!)

Your best comment: George RR Martin is not your bitch. We're lucky he's given us this much. Complaining that he hasn't finished the series yet is childish and pathetic. Go write a few books and see how they come out. Morons.—judgesmalls

Our story: The secret code names of 37 sci-fi blockbuster films

Your best comment: Exec: "Mr Bay, we need a secret name for the 2nd transformers."
MB: "Just stick a '2' at the end of what we used last time"
Exec: "Yeah, we'll call it Transformers 2, but i'm talking about the secret name."
MB: "So was I"
Exec: "right......"

Our story: Watch the awesome trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Your best comment: I'd liked to have seen more greco-roman wrestling to add realism... Lincoln doing martial arts? That's just implausible.—okham

Our story: What works, what sucks and what's coming for 11 horror remakes!

Your best comment: They need to remake The Sound Of Music. The hills in the original didn't quite seem real to me. I'm sure with today's Hollywood technology they can make the hills come alive with music... literally.—Lordmoon

Our story: Director unveils huge Tron Legacy spoilers, awesome footage

Your best comment: Two things.

First, 3D gives some people splitting headaches because it forces the brain to process visual information in a way that it was not really designed to. Hopefully Hollywood will get this point eventually and give up on 3D until we have decent holographic technology and can do away with the annoying glasses.

2. Daft Punk??? The soundtrack is going to suck harder than the black hole the Cygnus was sucked into. Why can't Hollywood come up with a soundtrack that a wider audience will like. Thanks to Daft Punk, I have no intentions of watching this movie until it comes out on DVD and I can tweak the audio on my PC to get rid of as much of their crap as I can. Pleh. Heck, Goldfrapp would have been a better choice.—sparrowlord01

Our story: Transformers 3's Optimus, Bumblebee getting makeovers

Your best comment: When asked how he would improve over his previous summer blockbuster extravaganzas Michael Bay said the following, "Boom! KAPOW! Smash! Whoosh! Multicultural jive talking robots for minorities! SHABAM!"—FleetStrike

Our story: Guy spends 3 years building Minas Tirith out of 420,000 matches

Your best comment: some lighter fluid, and one more match we can do what Sauron wasn't able to... -kh—divephotog

Our story: Cameron's Fantastic Voyage script is done, who will direct?

Your best comments: Would be nice if someone would mention that the original story was from the book "Fantastic Voyage" By Isaac Asimov. Considering he is not just a author of sci-fi (oops, I mean sy-fy). But he written so many books on so many subjects. He has a book in every subject in the Dewey Decimal System. Just a little FYI for everyone.—Captain Calvin Grant

Unfortunately, the original Fantastic Voyage was NOT from an Asimov book. The novel was the 1st time Asimov wrote an adaption of a script/story by other writers.
He was not pleased with the final product, mainly on a scientific basis. Hence his own book Fantastic Voyage II: Destination Brain, where he corrected what he felt were the primary scientific problems with the original.

Our story: Smallville flies again as CW orders 10th season

Your best comment: I'd like to have the last shot of the last episode of the last series to be Tom Welling in the Superman suit flying up over the Earth before looking at the camera and smiling - just like Chris Reeve did in the Superman movies!—Jay

Our story: Space Invaders to be a movie, but Futurama did it 1st

Your best comment: Space Invaders was not the "grandfather of all video games" - not even close. Spacewar (1961) is often credited as the first video game, but a Tennis game on an oscilloscope came before that. Even the definition of what constitutes a video game is vague.—arzoo

Our story: Tim Burton to produce 'Slaybraham' Lincoln vampire film!>

Your best comment: If anyone has a taste for snarky sarcasm mixed in with their alternate reality, a great film for some of those interested in the comments here would be CSA: Confederate States of America... outlining what this country could look like if the South had won the war. It's a great mockumentary based on actual products and culture from the Civil War era South as well as some of the ideals that the South wanted to continue after winning the war... mmmm tasty sarcasm!—w0lfm4n

Our story: More Indy 5 talk: Here's what we'd like, but what would you?

Your best comment: How about "Indiana Jones and the Last Ensure"?

I love the Indiana Jones series but Harrison Ford is way too rickety to play him these days. They should retire the character or write something age-appropriate for Ford. Like something that shows Jones as a thoughtful elder statesman of archeology; sort of in the realm of The da Vinci Code.— asocalguy

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