Why odd UK sales of Ant-Man comics could mean movie's on the way

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Dec 17, 2012

Edgar Wright's Ant-Man has almost become the long-lost Marvel movie, but we've been hearing buzz for months now that work might finally begin soon. Well, now we have another sign.

Bleeding Cool reports that three London comic shops—Orbital, Forbidden Planet and Gosh—have recently had a run on old Ant-Man comics, in any condition. Now, the interesting part? Those three shops are a stone's throw from several VFX houses and can serve as a precursor for what's in the works as studios dig up reference material.

As Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston puts it:

Here's the thing. No one asks for Ant Man comics. Not even, I'm told, when Marvel was still publishing Ant-Man comics. Each time the individuals have been asked if it's for the Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish film and they jump back, spooked, asking how they could possibly know...

Today, the fourth individual had a specific request, wanting reference for Ant Man's "echo time locator" from "the old series".

Hmm, it could all be anecdotal, but it seems preliminary design work could be getting underway—meaning production is (finally) imminent.

Sound off: Do you think Ant-Man will finally get rolling this year?

(Via Bleeding Cool)