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Stranger Things 3 to explore a new evil and let up on Will a bit

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Jan 23, 2018, 1:43 PM EST (Updated)

We may not have gotten to hear another fiery SAG Awards speech from everyone’s internet crush David Harbour, but now we at least know a few more details about Stranger Things’ upcoming Season 3 -- and one character in particular will be happy to hear them.

In an interview with Glamour, producer Shawn Levy dropped a few hints and teases for the upcoming season, which starts filming in the spring. “It'll be an eight- or nine-episode season,” Levy said, noting that while the writers know the general arc of all the characters over the season, the actual episode total will depend on how much story it takes to get them there.

That means characters like Will -- who was the center of tormented attention throughout the first two seasons (first being trapped in the Upside Down, then infected with the Mind Flayer’s dark influence) -- have their fates preordained, though in his case, it’s a relief. "We're going to give Will a break. We’re not going to put Will through hell for a third season in a row. He’ll be dealing with stuff, but he won’t be at rock bottom the way we forced the amazing Noah Schnapp to play,” Levy clarified.

However, the Mind Flayer and its brood of botanical baddies may have infected the spore-breathing Dustin or Sheriff Hopper, right? So they’re probably next in line to face the sinister music? "You might assume that, but you would probably end up being wrong. We're dealing with forces of evil that are new." Levy said.

These new forces are as mysterious as their target, though Levy did give a bit of a tease: After an encounter with the ‘80s-sex-drenched Billy, Mike and Nancy’s mom “Karen has some unhappiness that is brewing,” which “makes her vulnerable to all kinds of things in Season 3.”

Two other snippets of Levy's intel regard the return of Paul Reiser's Dr. Owens (maybe) and the brotherly relationship between Dustin and Steve (deepening). So, even if you’re not Will, there’re quite a few strange things to look forward to when Stranger Things 3 returns either in late 2018 or early 2019.

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