Stranger Things Blu-ray release looks to be a stunning VHS throwback

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Oct 6, 2017, 11:56 AM EDT (Updated)

With Season 2 of Stranger Things hitting Netflix in just a couple of weeks, the first season of the horror hit looks to be getting a Blu-ray release — and they have nailed the 1980s aesthetic.

Several images showing a VHS-styled packaging for Stranger Things' first season are making the rounds, with the release an apparent exclusive at Target stores. Along with the throwback packaging, it also (at least judging by the packaging) comes bundled with a mini-poster of the series. The first season caught pretty much everyone off guard with its perfect, retro tale of adolescence and horror. That 1980s charm is what makes the series so much fun, and it’s no surprise Netflix would look to keep that alive with the eventual home release.

We should point out, though: Netflix has yet to confirm the home release is legit, but considering the show is one of the service’s biggest hits (and previous successes like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, etc. scored physical media releases), it’s probably just a matter of time until this is confirmed. Judging by the context of the shot below (and the others making the rounds), these look to be ready to roll out onto shelves. Most likely Netflix is prepping a surprise release ahead of Season 2 dropping October 27 on Netflix.

Now, if only Netflix would put out an actual VHS release. You know fans would dig out the old VCRs for a chance to see the demogorgon in its full, fuzzy glory.

Check out the alleged packaging below and let us know what you think:

(Via Birth.Movies.Death)

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