Stranger Things EP Shawn Levy totally leaked that major death way back at SDCC

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Mar 26, 2021, 4:00 PM EDT (Updated)

SPOILER WARNING! We’re talking about the biggest death on Stranger Things 2 y’all, so yeah, careful treading below…

Damn you, Stranger Things! Why must you always take the good ones?!

In what’s quickly becoming a very depressing trend, after killing off Barb in Season 1, everyone’s favorite Netflix show yet again whacked a lovable, altruistic, fan-favorite character, who we yet again seek justice for: good ol’ AV-Club OG, Bob (Sean Astin). Like any of us should have been surprised.

But not only did the show set a precedent with Barb’s untimely demise, but executive producer (and director of Chapters 3 and 4) Shawn Levy pretty much told us as much about Bob’s sad fate, way back in July at San Diego Comic-Con.

As he told Collider in a spoiler-ific interview:

“I think I can say this now … I did an interview at Comic-Con, I think, where someone asked, ‘Oh, do you think Bob is gonna be beloved?’ and I said, ‘Well, Bob is the new Barb.’ And I said that and literally, I was like, ‘Oh, no. No, no. I just meant he’s likable. I just mean the fans are gonna love him.’ I accidentally forecast his death.”

Beyond Stranger Things, Levy has had a long and successful career both producing (Arrival) and directing (Night at the Museum, Real Steel), so he’s certainly savvy as to how the genre-media train can move a story. As such, he frantically “trolled every major site” to see if the spoiler would go viral, like a Shadow Monster.

“Thankfully, no one is that interested in anything I have to say, so it didn’t catch fire, but if you go and look, I completely leaked the death of Bob. I can admit that now,” said Levy.

Obviously, judging by this story and a number of others, we care what you have to say, Shawn. And you know what? We’re still mad at you, not for spoiling Bob’s death per se, but for being an accomplice.

#JusticeForBarb #JusticeForBob

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