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Exclusive: Stranger Things featurette shows how the Duffer Brothers ‘upped the ante’ for Emmy-nominated series

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Aug 23, 2018

As Stranger Things gears up to turn the Emmys upside down, SYFY WIRE is debuting exclusive Netflix featurette that puts the spotlight on the series' creators, Matt and Ross Duffer. Emmy contender Stranger Things 2, which was released last October, raised the stakes from the first season by offering more characters, more creatures, and more moments that left fans excited and stunned. While we’ve still got a little while to wait before the much-anticipated third season drops, and to see how that Jopper relationship turns out, there’s still plenty of the second season left to revisit as the cast and crew dive into just how they accomplished it.

“The project is their baby,” Caleb McLaughlin, who plays Lucas, says. And like any parent, the Duffers aim to make sure they're sending Stranger Things in the right direction. The featurette reveals that the Duffer Bros. treated the second season like a movie sequel, rather than the traditional TV season approach. Matt Duffer says, “Whenever there was a sequel to a movie, it always felt like it upped the ante a little bit and the stakes got a little higher, and we said in order to make [Stranger Things 2] feel like movie, in order to make it feel a little bit more like an event, we need to take it to another level.”

Stranger Things 2, which has been nominated for 12 Emmys (including actors David Harbour and Millie Bobby Brown, and for Best Drama), certainly exceeded expectations. David Harbour says that “it felt like an action movie.” But while movies and shows that consistently try to best themselves are too often undone by combating visions and ego, Harbour reveals the secret to the show’s success. “The Duffer Brothers create a world where they just hire people that are good people.” The featurette introduces us to some of those “good people” including Emmy nominated DOP Tim Ives, and senior concept illustrator Michael Maher, who share their experiences working on the series.

Despite the Duffers' clear vision, Stranger Things truly is a collaborative process. Ideas come from various members of the show’s team and the Duffers aim to create a sense that this something they all built together. “It really does start with us, with like five other nerds writing ideas up on a whiteboard,” Matt Duffer reveals.

What we wouldn’t give to get a peek at that whiteboard.

The Emmy winners will be announced on Sept. 17 live on NBC at 8 p.m. ET / 5 PT.

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