Stranger Things: Finally get justice for Barb in October Loot Crates

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Sep 30, 2017

After last week's reveal of Stranger Things gear coming in the October core Loot Crate and Loot Wear subscription services, today we have three more items to show you. These items will be found in three other, new packages: the Stranger Things Crate, the Loot Crate DX box, and only at New York Comic Con.

The NYCC exclusive item is an "Upside-Down" variant on the item we revealed last week. J Salvador's SuperEmoScenes figure features Eleven versus the Demogorgon, like the one in the core crate, but in a colorless variant. The press release did not list the price, but it will only be at NYCC booth $536 Oct. 5-8.


In the Loot Crate DX, the deluxe edition with over $100 worth of gear, you'll find the stylish 80s-inspired Barb pool towel. "With this towel, fans can take Barb along for their outdoor adventures. The colorful towel will provide solace for fans still pushing for #JusticeForBarb," Loot Crate says in a press release. See that in the gallery below. You can order the Loot Crate DX for October for $47.99 now until Oct. 20.

Finally, we have the "Upside Down World Barb" plush, also from artist J Salvador and SuperEmoFriends. This item is one of 6 exclusive items in the Stranger Things special edition crate. The plushy is great for cuddling while rewatching Stranger Things Season 1 and crying over the fact that no one seems to care about Barb's fate. Seriously, where is the Justice for Barb? Sigh. Anyway, you can order the Stranger Things Crate now, while supplies last, for $59.99 domestic and $84.99 internationally. An estimated retail value of more than $111 is listed for the box.

Check out all the items below! 

Correction: The original post misidentified the crates as November's offerings, when they are October crates.

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