Stranger Things gets an (unauthorized) '80s-style retro videogame

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Aug 29, 2016

Stephen King. Steven Spielberg. Dungeons & Dragons. Big hair. The Netflix TV show Stranger Things has more references to the 1980s than you can shake a culture club at. But in a hunt to save their friend, our protagonists completely missed out on the video game revolution. Now, retro game developer Infamous Quests has rectified this oversight.

Infamous Quests has created an unofficial '80s-style Stranger Things point-and-click adventure game. In it, we follow Chief Hopper as he searches the forest for the missing Will Byers—and takes the occasional cigarette break.

As with every game of this type (like King’s Quest), you navigate your way with arrow keys and click on people and objects to further the game. The writers obviously embraced the humor of the period. Click on a large rock and the response reads, “Surprisingly, there's nothing remarkable about this unremarkable rock.” Click on a fallen log and you get, “I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Will Byers is not underneath this tiny fallen log.” The game even has a small inventory system (which I found accidentally by moving my cursor straight up).

Best of all, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein’s synth-infused TV soundtrack was pitch-perfect for this game. Check it out on the PC, Mac and Linux here.

(Via Nerdist)