Stranger Things is taking over November Loot Crate with Eleven awesomeness

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Mar 25, 2021, 9:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Stranger Things isn't just taking over your television again this fall when it returns for Season 2 on Netflix Oct. 27. It will also be taking over Loot Crate's offerings, with Stranger Things items in the Core Crate for November, in Loot Wear, in Loot DX, and naturally in the limited-edition Stranger Things crate.

Over the course of the next week, Loot Crate is revealing some of the Stranger Things items fans will find in their various crates. The core Loot Crate and Loot Wear are first up to bat with two Eleven-focused items.

Core Crate subscribers will get a "SuperEmoFriends Eleven Demogorgon Diorama" designed by J Salvador in their box next month (available for order now until Oct. 20). The Diorama brings Salvador's art (also depicted on the box) to life in a 3D vinyl mold. We see the Demogorgon emerging from the wall, coming after Eleven — complete with her signature nosebleed (despite, you know, not having a visible nose on this model). Eleven can be rotated to either match the art or be facing and repelling the Demogorgon.


For subscribers to Loot Wear (also available for order now through Oct. 20), you'll get a "Butcher Billy Retro Band T-shirt." With a design based on '80s band tees, this shirt features Eleven with her hand outstretched, and the words "Upside Down" done in the signature Stranger Things font (and, naturally, upside down).

These are just the first two items, of course, with more on the way, featuring other characters... we hear rumors that Barb may be involved. Check out the gallery below for more looks at the Eleven diorama, stay tuned for more reveals, and head to lootcrate.com to order.