You can stream the Stranger Things Season 2 soundtrack right now

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Oct 20, 2017

The second season of Stranger Things doesn't premiere for another week, but amid all the teasers and social media marketing and other promotion being done for the show, something else has arrived a little early: the soundtrack.

Composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, of the Austin-based band S U R V I V E, made a huge impact on the show's first season without ever being seen onscreen. Their synth-driven, ambient score both evokes the musical vibe of the 1980s and pushes the show somewhere more modern. The ultimate result is something that sounds rather timeless, and adds a spooky tone to the whole series. Plus, that main theme, as simple as it is, is just iconic at this point.

Dixon and Stein, who won an Emmy for their work on Stranger Things Season 1, are back in full force this year with dozens more spooky synth tracks to power the next adventure for the children of Hawkins, Indiana. Now, 34 tracks from the Season 2 soundtrack are available to stream on Spotify, a full week ahead of the show's premiere. If you're looking for spoilers in the track listing, you likely won't find many. They're mostly deliberately vague, but there is one hopeful note: The final track is called "To Be Continued."

Check out the full playlist below. Stranger Things returns for its second season on Oct. 27.


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