Stranger Things’ Season 2 terror may not be done with Hawkins, hints Shawn Levy

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Jul 12, 2018, 8:00 PM EDT

As fan expectations for one of Netflix’s biggest shows mount with each passing season, figuring out how to exceed those expectations while innovating beyond mere fan service gets more and more challenging, according to Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy.

What that means for the in-development Season 3 of the Duffer Brothers’ Spielbergian hit series is still a closely guarded secret at Netflix. But Levy’s recent, off-the-cuff remarks in response to an innocent question may suggest, at the very least, that the extra-dimensional beast that lurks behind it all could be a part of the formula that hopefully propels the show’s third season to new heights.

**SPOILER WARNING: Potential spoilers for Stranger Things Season 3 below!**

Asked who’d win in a fight — Season 1’s Demogorgon or Season 2’s Mind Flayer — Levy told The Wrap he’d side with the latter option, since the multi-legged, landscape-dominating Shadow Monster is technically at the top of Stranger Things’ sinister-beast food chain.


“I’m going to go with the Mind Flayer since he’s kind of the uberlord of the Demogorgon. I gotta think his power is more formidable,” said Levy, before adding: “Beyond that I don’t think I can get into the answer without divulging too much.”

That last part has us especially intrigued, since Levy appears to be hinting that the Mind Flayer may be ready to pick up right where it left off when Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) barely escaped its mind-controlling clutches with his life at the end of Season 2.  

Whatever’s in store for the upcoming season, all we ask is that showrunners Ross and Matt Duffer give Will a break. While he’s served as a sort of human McGuffin for each of Stranger Things’ first two seasons, the poor kid’s been almost completely cut out of all the action that revolves around him — and  after spending nearly all the show’s 17 episodes in the grip of malevolent supernatural forces, Will’s been through an awful lot.

Netflix still hasn’t revealed a release date for Season 3, but here’s hoping the Mind Flayer — if it indeed turns out to be involved in the upcoming season — will find someone else to possess when an all-new batch of Stranger Things episodes finally arrives.