Stranger Things 3 poster
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What is this new monster on the Stranger Things 3 poster?

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Jun 4, 2019, 11:56 AM EDT

With only a month left to go before Stranger Things returns in all its mall-rat, neon-soaked, ‘80s glory, things are looking much darker for the third season. Season 3 looked like an eternal pool party in its first trailers, but a new poster not only darkens the color palette, but introduces a new monster to the fold that will definitely be unwelcome to Hawkins.

The fireworks are coming to Netflix on the Fourth of July, but that won’t stop whatever that thing is at the bottom of the poster. Which is a shame, considering how awesome everything else looks.

See for yourself:

Stranger Things 3 poster

Source: Netflix

OK, but what is that thing anyways? It’s not a Demogorgon. But it does look a bit like its early stages, sort of a cross between a Demo-Dog and The Mind Flayer’s spindly legs.

Is the big bad from the Upside Down possessing new creatures to cross into our world? Or were there more stages that D'Artagnan and the others could have progressed to? Here’s a defeated Demo-Dog for reference:

Demo-Dog Stranger Things imdb

Source: Netflix

Compare that to the Mind Flayer that’s still lording over the supernatural underbelly of Hawkins:

The Mind Flayer Stranger Things imdb

Source: Netflix

See those tentacles? Looks familiar. Even if Eleven closed the portal, there are definitely still some ways for that darkness to crawl back into Indiana — even during the bright light of summertime. What do you think that monster is?

Stranger Things premieres its third season on July 4.